Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reno was GREAT!!!

Chester was just Amazing. You could not have asked for a more well mannered little guy.
He was 100% calm, cool and collected. We got our Hip # 305 and then had to sit around and wait till it was our turn to show, because I was in the Pros we where the last group to show.
When it came to our turn I was a bit nervice but not Chester he was ready to go show what he had learned.
So off we went, I felt that we went though the class great, but that was just my thoughts. We did not find out the results and the placing's for a couple hrs after the show, when they did read off the placing's they started at the end and worked there way up to 5th place then they announced the top 5 well, when they said this is the top 5 I got excited because they had not said my name yet so, I knew that I was in the freestyle but, I had no idea where I had placed. They said the second place winner and my heart about stopped as tears came to my eyes, I turned to look at my dad and some friends and said that I am the only one left and at that time they said the first place winner of the Pros is Dixie, I could not believe it Chester and I took First place (I knew he was a special little boy).
Then they said the placing's for my dads group and Yes him and Tess and my dad took 3rd place so they are off to the Freestyle also. Well, now we did not have much time to get thing set up for the Freestyle so I was going a bit nuts but thanks to some wonderful friends everything worked out good they all jumped in and helped get all my props out in the arena and set up (thank you everyone). When they got the right music on everything went good all my nerves where gone and all I could see or hear was just me and Chester. My dad said that they where talking and said a little bit about me and where committing on Chester and I but I had no idea. I was very happy with how it went and we ended in Chester Bowing. The next morning they announced the placing's. I was not as nervice about it this time I felt that Chester and I where winners already and it was an honor to just be hear. Then they said in Second place in the freestyle is Dixie and Winchester and hear came the tears again, I could not believe it we took First in our Pro Group and Second in the Freestyle WOW!! As for the Auction Chester and Tess both had a bid on them on Thursday evening I could not believe that, we had not even shown yet. Then on Saturday They did the Auction and Tess was Adopted for $125.00 to a very sweet family and the kids just loved her my dad could not have been happier. For Chester he was the Highest Adopted horse he went for $300.00 The woman that Adopted him Just Adores him and he is going to have a Very Good Life with her she had big plans for him. A friend trailered Chester to his new home and I was going to be at the Stalls when they came to load him up but my alarm went off and as much as I tried to get going to see him off I just could not do it, I could not be there and say by. I new the people that where tailoring him and I new they would take good care of him and see him safely to his new home. I saw all my friends and meet a lot of new ones, The hole experience was wonderful. I would like to thank the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the BLM for putting on the wonderful event.
I have a lot of pics that I will share as soon as I get them on my computer.



Thats is bout all we can say CONGRATS and a GREAT JOB!!!!
YEAH that is sooooooooooooooooo cool.
The Misners. :D :D :D :D

Dixie said...

Thanks guys, I am still in shock.

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey Dixie,
Great Job. What more could you ask of your horse?
My name is Kirstin and I am training 3 mustangs for the Ft Worth competition. I am 14 yrs old and will be in the youth competition. It's nice when all of your hard work pays off, isn't it?